Service Terms & Conditions

Please read the Repair Terms and Conditions carefully. By submitting your product to PB Mechanix, you agree that these Repair Terms and Conditions will govern the repair of your product by PB Mechanix. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not submit your product to PB Mechanix.

  • Repair Service. PB Mechanix will repair your product as described. When the product is covered by our 30-day warranty, PB Mechanix will perform repairs under the terms of the warranty, provided that you have presented satisfactory proof of the product’s eligibility for such repairs. You will be responsible for any additional charges applicable under or beyond your product’s warranty, including any applicable tax
  • PB Mechanix is not liable for damage that occurs to the valve / regulator or cylinder during removal process of the valve / regulator from the cylinder. PB Mechanix will inspect the regulator “cylinder” threads (thread that screws into your cylinder) for damage. PB Mechanix reserves the right to refuse installation of a regulator due to unsafe or damaged threads.
  • Subcontractors. PB Mechanix may subcontract with other service providers for the repair of your product.
  • Payment. Unless your product is repaired under warranty, you will promptly pay PB Mechanix the estimated charges plus any additional charges subsequently agreed to by you. Your payment is due prior to your product’s shipping back to you. Unless specified otherwise, the estimated amount includes labor, return transportation of products and any applicable tax. You may, in PB Mechanix’s sole discretion, be responsible for additions parts, plus any applicable tax. If PB Mechanix inspects your product, provides an estimate for additional parts needed to continue repair, and you do not authorize PB Mechanix to undertake the repairs, you will still be charged the original service fee.
  • Abandon Product. If you have not claimed your product and paid all charges due within sixty (60) days after being notified by PB Mechanix that your product is available to be returned to you, PB Mechanix will consider your product abandoned. PB Mechanix will provide such notice to you at the E-mail address you furnished when you authorized the repairs. PB Mechanix may dispose of your product in accordance with applicable provisions of law, and specifically may sell your product without liability to you. PB Mechanix reserves its statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges.
  • Shipping. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges to PB Mechanix. Customer is responsible for protecting the items from damage during the shipping process. Customer is responsible for filing damage claims with the shipper. PB Mechanix accepts customer(s) items in “as is” condition when received. PB Mechanix is not responsible for damage claims related to shipping to and from our facility. All claims must be filed by the customer with the carrier.
  • Complete Agreement. These Terms and Conditions are the only ones that govern PB Mechanix s repair of your product. No other oral or written terms or conditions apply, including any terms or conditions contained in any purchase order that you provide to PB Mechanix. No one has authority from PB Mechanix to vary any of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Personal Information. You agree and understand that it is necessary for PB Mechanix to collect, process and use your personal data in order to perform the service and support obligations under these Terms and Conditions.
  • PB Mechanix is not responsible for the safe use of the paintball tanks, paintball guns/markers, paintball masks or any other paintball related equipment.
  • Governing Law. The laws of the State of Pennsylvania will govern this Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions please contact us at sales@PB