PB Mechanix Tank Trade-Up Program

PB Mechanix offers a Tank Trade Up program. You get to trade in your existing air system, towards the purchase of a NEW Ninja Air System OR any of our Used / Refurbished Air Systems

The Trade-Up Program is ONLY valid towards Ninja Paintball Air Systems. Tanks must be 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber and must be from 2005 or newer!


1. You complete our online form with some basic contact information & photos of your tank. 

2. You receive a discount code in an email with our offer applied to the code. (Also called a QUOTE NUMBER)

3. Add which ever product you would like to purchase to your cart on our shop and check out using the discount code.

4. Ship in your tank to our receiving location so that we can inspect it. Be sure to write your QUOTE NUMBER on the box.

Ship To Address:
PB Mechanix, LLC

88 Glocker Way
STE 263
Pottstown, PA 19465

5. Upon trade up approval, we will ship you your new tank to the address on your order. (Your new tank ships for free!)


3 Reasons WHY you should use the PB Mechanix Trade-Up Program:


  • Time – by not having to list it on various used forums and yard sale sites.
  • No Aggravation – By not having to chase around kids that say they will buy and then don’t pay or dealing with people that have 1000 questions and then don’t buy from you anyway.
  • Peace of Mind – Using PB Mechanix insures no one is going to charge back the money they sent you, to try and scam you.

Important things to know & remember!

Do not ship your tank with air in it!  Be safe!  Empty the air from your tank prior to shipment!

Preferred Shipping Method
We recommend shipping your tank using the post office’s Priority Mail option. We’ve found this method to be cheapest way to ship.  The post office also offers delivery confirmation and insurance for reasonable rates.  Please be aware we assume no responsibility for lost or damaged packages. We can receive any method you so choose.

To ensure your tank arrives in good condition, we recommend padding the tank with newspaper or bubblewrap.  It’s also a good idea to wrap the regulator with a strip of cardboard.  This helps to prevent the regulator from poking through the box.  Some local post offices offer packaging services and will package your tank for a small fee. You DO NOT have to remove your regulator prior to shipment.

If you use your trade up offer and the trade up offer you received is worth more than that of the tank(s) you purchased, you DO NOT receive the difference in cash. The credit is placed on file with PB Mechanix and you can use it towards future Ninja Paintball Purchases.

Our Inspection and Refurbishment Process

How do we Grade Used Air Systems?

Every used tank we receive goes through a grading process.  Tanks are given a grade ranging from A+ to F.  Tanks that score between an A+ and a C- are refurbished and resold.  Tanks that score below a C- are rejected.  So, what do we look for when grading a tank?  Here is a good overview of what we do.

Cracks and Chips
Tanks are inspected for cracks and chips in the gel coating.  Cracks and chips typically occur from impacts or drops.

The score is impacted not only by the number of cracks or chips, but also the depth of the chips.  We look to see if the crack or chip extends down to the fibers of the tank.  If the crack or chip has damaged the fibers, the tank is automatically rejected and is not eligible for resale.

Carbonfiber Damage
The carbon fibers of a paintball air tank are a structural component.  They give strength to the aluminum core of the tank.  Any tanks that exhibit damage to the fibers are automatically rejected.

The Condition Of The Gel Coat
When we look at the gel coat, we look for a lot of things.  We evaluate the appearance of the gel coat looking for cosmetic flaws, such as staining.  We also look for damage such as blistering or cracking, which can be signs of damage or abuse.

How do we grade regulators?

Used regulators also go through a grading process.  Like our tanks, regulators are given a grade ranging from A+ to F.  If a regulator scores below a C- it is rejected.  The grading criteria for used regulators is similar to the criteria we use for tanks.

Fill Nipple Valve
Fill nipples valve are inspected for proper function.  Not only do we check to make sure the valve doesn’t leak, we also check the body of the valve for excessive wear.  If the valve shows excessive wear, it is replaced.

The bonnet is one of the most commonly damaged regulator components. We inspect the bonnet for damage to threads, as well as the top of the bonnet.

Tank Gauge
The tank gauge is inspected for proper function, as well as overall cosmetic condition. If it is damaged and can be removed safely, it is replaced.

Burst Disks
Burst disks are a safety component of the regulator.  We check not only the condition of the burst disk assembly, but also make sure the proper pressure burst disks are used.

How do we refurbished used air systems?

Most of the used paintball tanks we receive will go through our refurbishment process. If you are familiar with the concept of certified pre-owned vehicles, you have pretty good idea of what we’re doing. After the tank and regulator have been graded, we make a determination of what steps need to be taken to refurbish the tank.

Tanks which haven’t been hydrotested within the past year are sent out for hydrostatic testing and visual inspection, conducted by a DOT authorized facility unless we elect to just blow it out as an out of hydro bottle.

Every reg is pressure tested during the refurbishment process. The regulators are tested for leaks, output pressure, and regulator creep. Seals are lubricated and replaced, if needed. We also “punch test” the regulators to make sure they output correctly by setting them on a marker doing a 20BPS constant ROF.

Once a tank has passed testing, it is ready to be sold. A price is determined based on the grade of the tank and regulator and the age of the tank.